Red Tea Cordyceps

38.5 USD


Elite “SR” 100% organic red Lapsang Souchong tea with 100% certified Cordyceps extract.

There was a time when a cup of tea was more than just a tea, it was magic every teatime, when time stopped and the fresh scent of every tea leave filled the air with wonderful tales of adventures and tea. Homeland of our Red tea is China, we handpicked every juicy, young leave with love to bring little magic to your cup. We know that China is to tea what France is to wine, that’s why we at Smart & Rich use only highest class Chinese tea.

Lapsang Souchong is definitely one to try tea with unique taste, blossom aroma and infused ruby-red color. Enjoy the end of your day with a cup of warming tea and let it help you to improve your wellness.

In addition our tea contains Cordyceps extract (Cordyceps sinensis).

Cordyceps has been known to Central Asian medicine for over 5,000 years and till present days Cordyceps high valued for building up energy levels and boosting immune functions. This rare fungi is a true power of nature to defend your overall wellness.

Cordyceps is an excellent little smart helper to keep your body and brain active and strong.

Thousands of people have already appreciated our products, and many of them have become our regular customers.

It’s natural antioxidant and not a medicine. 

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